IGNITE ITHACA is a high-energy evening of 5-minute talks by people who have an idea – and the guts to get onstage and share it with their hometown crowd.
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Ignite Ithaca2

When: Saturday, Nov 6, 2010

Where: Pixel Lounge, Ithaca

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Get to Know Our Presenters

There always seems to be so many great ideas shared at IGNITE ITHACA, and the 5 minutes we get to share is such a small part of it. Each of our presentations on Saturday were just a quick peek at something each speaker is passionate about and we hope they got you interested, too. 

To that end, here are details on where you can find out more about each of our presenters. We invite you to get in touch, share, collaborate, and help spread these great ideas in our community!

Click below to learn more about each presenter…

…listed in order of the presentations given:

Jonas Neubert “How to Give an Ignite Presentation”

Jonas is a graduate student at Cornell University where he researches self-reconfigurable robotics using stochastic fluidic assembly systems. He is also a co-organizer of Ignite Ithaca.

Rob Engelsman “Why Radio Isn’t Dead Yet”

Rob, aka DJ McScruff of 92 WICB, is a senior journalism major at Ithaca College, which means he will need a job soon and is welcoming all offers. He hopes his face for radio doesn’t detract from the presentation, although since it’s in a poorly lit bar that will probably help.

Dirk Swart “Cheap Microcontrollers Can Change the World and Alleviate Poverty”

Dirk Swart loves to invent and build solutions to problems, and produces open source electronics kits through Wicked Device LLC. He also works for Cornell University, and in 2008-2009 was a visiting fellow at Boston University’s Pardee Center, a long range future think tank, where he scenario planned about the technological future of Africa.

Hod Lipson “Self-Reflective Systems”

Hod joined the departments of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering and the faculty of Computing & Information Science of Cornell University in 2001. He is also a member of the Computer Science and Computational Biology graduate fields at Cornell. Prior to this appointment, he was a postdoctoral researcher at Brandeis University’s Computer Science Department and a Lecturer at MIT’s Mechanical Engineering Department. He received his PhD in 1998 from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Before joining academia, he spent several years as a research engineer in the mechanical, electronic and software industries.

Doug Turnbull “Semantic Music Discovery Systems”

“My work focuses on creating a better, music discovery experience. That is, by combining new computational tools with better interactive design, we can improve how both musicians grow their audiences and listeners discover new music.”

Gwyn Whieldon “Mathematics vs. Intuition”

Gwyneth Whieldon is a graduate student in mathematics here at Cornell.  Her research hits math from all over the spectrum, but she loves math facts that just seem impossible - but are true anyway!

Stacey Shackford “Psychokillers: Qu’est ce-que Stacey?”

Stacey is a journalist who has worked as a reporter and editor in the US and abroad, including several years as a local beat reporter for the Ithaca Journal. She currently works at Cornell University.

Yael Saar “Not the Only Freak in Town: Normalizing Postpartum Depression”

Yael Saar, mother of two boys, draws from her experience with PPD, and the extensive toolbox of coping skills she collected in order to disarm it. Formerly a  volunteer counselor at the crisis and suicide prevention hot-line, Yael now leads support groups in Ithaca NY, and online at www.ppdtojoy.com

Danielle Klock “Your Future is Digital: Link it Up”

Danielle is a managing partner at Mouselink Media Group in Ithaca, NY.

Jason Woodward “Do We Serve Our Government?”

Jason is a software developer and information integrator at Cornell University.  He thinks those who can be involved should be involved.

Paul Houle “The Human Memome Project”

“I earned a PhD in physics at Cornell University and 1998 and I’ve spent 15 years developing web-related software.  I’ve worked on major community projects such as the arxiv.org e-print archive and Tivejo,  which was the leading voice chat service in Brazil in the early zeroes.”

Lily Gershon “Freeskool - Free Education for All”

Lily is one of the founders of the Dacha Project, a sustainable, educational homestead in Freeville. When she isn’t building and gardening, she is working on her novel about the circus, traveling cross country and helping to organize the Ithaca Freeskool. She is a nerd and likes school, but hates waking up early. Lily isn’t terribly funny but she likes jokes, please tell her one.

Jeremy Blum “Building an Engineer”

Jeremy is huge geek, and he couldn’t be more proud of it.  He’s been tearing things apart and putting them back together since he was 5, started self-educating himself in circuit theory in 9th grade, and is now a respected member of the hardware hacking community online.  His open-source hardware projects have been featured on sites like gizmodo, engadget, hack-a-day, parallax, and several others.  Jeremy maintains a blog at jeremyblum.com.

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Don’t be fooled by this mediocre photo - we had a great...

Don’t be fooled by this mediocre photo - we had a great turnout for Ignite Ithaca 2 last night and we are thrilled that so many came out to Pixel Lounge to share ideas and learn from fellow Ithacans. 

Do you have a better photo than this from the event? Be sure to add it to our Flickr group to share with everyone! 


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Ignite Ithaca Returns - UPDATE!

Ithaca has spoken and we listened! By popular demand, we have rescheduled Ignite Ithaca 2 so more of our fans and supporters can attend. 

Ignite Ithaca 2 will now be at Pixel Lounge on Saturday, November 6th at 6:00pm!

This new date for our event means more people will be able to celebrate with us, and many more will be able to present. However, we only have a limited number of slots available for presenters so if you are interested in presenting at Ignite Ithaca, please read our “speak” page for all the info you need and sign up soon. You can also help us by “sponsoring” some equipment or manpower for the event. If you have any questions, please contact us by email (info@igniteithaca.com) or give us a nudge on Twitter (@igniteithaca).

We’re looking forward to another great night of big ideas!

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